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Foundation stone layed: Institute of Chemical Epigenetics will be built

The LMU is adding a new central element to its high-tech campus at Großhadern. By 2020, a new building is to be built where researchers will investigate important mechanisms of genetic control.

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Bacterial enzymes: The biological role of europium

Rare earth elements (REEs) are an indispensable component of the digital technologies that are now an integral part of our everyday life. Yet their biological role has been discovered only recently. A few years ago it became apparent that these metals are essential elements for methano- and methylotrophic bacteria. One representative is the bacterium Methylacidiphilum fumariolicum SolV, which was found in a volcanic mudpot near Naples, Italy, and is known to be strictly dependent on REEs such as lanthanum and cerium for its growth.

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Structural biology: Until the last cut

Ribosomes are the cell’s protein factories. LMU researchers have now structurally characterized late stages in the assembly of the human small ribosomal subunit, yielding detailed insights into their maturation principles.

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Research funding: New Collaborative Research Centres for LMU

Mechanisms of epigenetics, the evolution of life and the question of how the immune system distinguishes the body’s own from foreign DNA: The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) will fund three new large-scale projects.

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Nanomedicine: Targeting cancer cells with sugars

Globally, cancer is the second leading cause of death, also because the efficiency of chemotherapeutics is inadequate due to poor delivery to the tumor. Prof. Olivia Merkel and her team develop targeted nanocarrier systems to increase the delivery rates of therapeutic formulations and their specific uptake into the target cells.

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8th GO-Bio round: Prestigious funding won by LMU scientists.

The BMBF funding initiative GO-Bio supports life-science researchers who are looking to turn their innovative ideas into successful businesses and products. One of the 8 winner-teams in the 8th selection round is coming from the LMU Department of Pharmacy.

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