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At the end of each semester students must re-register for the following semester. A student is considered re-registered when his/her semester fees have been paid by bank transfer by the given deadline.
Re-registration is required every semester! If you do not re-register on time, you will be exmatriculated.
Further information: LMU-Website

Leave of Absence

Students who have serious issues that prevent them from continuing their normal studies may take a leave of absence which is, at most, two semesters long.

A leave of absence provides that the accumulation time of a student's specialized semesters is halted, thereby preventing possible future problems with exam deadlines.
The number of regular semesters, however, proceeds as always. If you are granted a leave of absence, you are still considered enrolled in your degree program and maintain your student status as well as your health insurance. You may not acquire credits during your leave (ECTS-Points or "Scheine"), but, in turn, must take repeat exams for courses you have failed within the required deadlines. Leave semesters do not affect the official deadlines for repeat exams. If necessary, exceptions must be applied for separately at the Examination Office in charge!

Every request for a leave of absence must be accompanied by the appropriate application form and necessary certificates (doctor's certificate, for example) and submitted to the Registrar's Office. Please note that there are deadlines to apply for a leave of absence.

Detailed information about the possible reasons for a leave of absence and to view information about semester fees, please access the links below:

The regulations at the Department of Pharmacy for students of

Regulations for all students at the Department of Chemistry
(BSc, MSc, teaching degree and students in chemistry courses)

In case of illness, please note the following:
According to the examination regulations (see under the respective § "Passing, failing and repeating module examinations and partial module examinations, para. (5)"), original medical certificates must be submitted immediately in the event of illness. In this certificate, the attending physician certifies the inability to take the examination, since when the illness has existed or why you cannot participate in a course.

So-called certificates of incapacity for work (yellow/pink slips) do not replace certificates!

If you are unable to attend due to hospitalization, a confirmation from the hospital is sufficient.

Immediately means within 3 working days at the latest (working days = Mon-Fri, with examination day = 1st working day). The certificate can be scanned in advance or submitted as an image file by e-mail to the Student and Examination Office. Originals must then be submitted within 2 weeks.

Depending on the event, please note the following:

  • Examinations: no certificate or excuse is necessary, but deregistration in the LSF!
    Exception: the exam Inorganic Chemistry 1 (T1AA). The certificate has to be handed in at the examination office (F5.018) immediately. If you cannot attend the 4th regular attempt due to illness, we need a medical certificate.
  • Internships: please give the certificate to the respective assistant or internship supervisor.
  • Lectures/Exercises: no certificate or excuse is necessary.
  • Bachelor's and Master's theses: in case of illness, please contact the Chemistry Examination Office (F5.020).
  • Master's examinations: an original medical certificate must be handed in immediately to the Examinations Office Chemistry (F5.020).

In principle, the Examination Board or the Chemistry Examination Office may, in individual cases or in general, require the submission of a medical certificate from a public health officer or a certificate from a doctor appointed by the Examination Office.
You can find a public health officer at the nearest public health office in your place of residence. For Munich, the Health Office, Schwanthalerstraße 69, 80336 München (Tel. 089/23366810) is responsible.

If the illness persists beyond the certified period of the first certificate, any follow-up certificates must also be submitted immediately.

For organizational reasons, we ask you to enclose a short cover letter (with mat. no.) with your certificate or to note the name and date of the exam on the certificate.

We will also be happy to answer any further questions you may have in person or by telephone.

Service points

Are you interested in studying chemistry, biochemistry or pharmacy at the LMU and have started analogous studies at another university? Then you are a transfer student (Orts- bzw. Hochschulwechsler).

Are you enrolled at another department of the LMU but want to switch majors? Then you are a student switching majors. (Please be aware of the deadlines and further information!)

In both cases it is possible to receive credits for previous work in chemistry, biochemistry or other natural sciences (see transfer credits below).
Please check our policy for transfer credits before you apply or, at the latest, before you begin your studies here: Study Programs.

Both transfer students and students switching majors have to apply for acceptance and are subject to the rules in effect. (More information at Application, admission and matriculation above).

Further Links:

  • Concise information about our chemistry and biochemistry programs: Flyer (PDF, 138 KB)
  • For further information please visit the respective Offices of Student Affairs (Studentensekretariate); for information about courses, contact the studies coordination. (Service Points)

1.) Transfer credit in pharmacy programs

The rules for transfer credit in pharmacy programs can be found in the corresponding Study Programs in Pharmacy.

2.) Transfer credit in chemistry and biochemistry programs

If you have accumulated credits in chemistry, biochemistry or other natural sciences at another university or other programs you can apply for transfer credit until the end of the 1st semester. A verification of the equivalency of the form, content and competences of past credit must be undertaken:

  • The granting of transfer credit depends on the outcome of an audit to certify that the university from which you are transferring is an accredited university. That is generally the case with German universities. Other schools of higher learning or foreign universities may require closer scrutiny.
  • If the formal examination is in order, this is followed by an examination of the content of the courses you have attended; our specialist lecturers check whether these courses can be recognized by us. These examinations are basically case-by-case examinations about which, unfortunately, no statements can be made in advance. It is important to submit documents that are as informative as possible (see the following steps below).

You must complete the following steps for a benefit recognition:

  • 1) First of all, you have to independently compare the courses/modules of your previous study program with the courses/modules of your future/current study program in which you would like to receive credits. Here you can find the courses/modules of our study programs. Please check in advance which ones you would like to have recognized.
  • 2) After you have selected the courses/modules to be recognized, first contact personally our examination office (room F5.018), which is responsible for the recognition of achievements. There you will receive one or more "Laufzettel" (routing slips), which you will need for the administrative handling of the further recognition process.
  • 3) With the "Laufzettel" you contact the respective subject representative who carries out the recognition for the corresponding subjec. The contact person may be found on the routing slip. (Please do not (!!) contact a chair or subject representative directly - you first need the administrative documents for the recognition procedure).
    • I.e. make an appointment with the respective subject representative by e-mail;
    • bring your complete documents to the recognition appointment, which document your previous study activities (certificates for bachelor or diploma courses at universities or technical colleges; certificates for graduation as a lab technician or similar, module handbooks, tables of contents, course descriptions, transcripts, information about the scope of courses (semester hours per week), etc.).
    • If the grading and/or scope (SWS) of previous academic achievements are not evident from the original certificates, please obtain additional detailed information on the courses taken from your previous educational institution (e.g. content and scope of the laboratory practicals taken).

      This will help us to make a really good assessment of the work you have done. Of course, we need an official confirmation of the services rendered, i.e. certificates, ECTS overviews or other certificates, these either as a certified copy or as an original with a copy. Please make sure that the (original) documents can be linked to your person without any doubt and unambiguously.
  • 4) Once all recognitions have been entered on the "routing slips", you must hand them back in at the Examination Office. There the recognition will be forwarded to the examination board for evaluation.
  • 5) To enroll or transfer, you will then need a certificate of placement in the appropriate semester, which is determined on the basis of the performance recognition. A performance recognition usually results in a placement in a higher subject semester (depending on the number of recognized performances). You will receive this at the end of the procedure.

More information in the Examination Office(room F5.018).